The farm has 100% natural Hereford and Angus cow and calf operation with 145 head of cattle. Natural means no artificial hormones, steroid and antibiotic-free, and no dyes added. These cows live happy lives and are grass fed in our pastures. They are free to roam and graze throughout the day. When they have reached maturity our animals are fed grain and our hay to insure a finished beef product. Consider that you will be getting cuts ranging from filet, New York Strip, roast, and hamburger. This means a savings of at least 50% over the supermarket cost and a guarantee that its has been raised all naturally.

How to Purchase Beef in by the 1/2 or a Whole cow.

If you want a ½ or a whole cow, you can come to us any time and let us know. You pay us for the live weight of the cow, and you pay the butcher for processing the meat, which is based on the cow’s hanging weight. We generally try not to do a ¼, unless you can find someone else to take the other ¼.

The price of the cow is based off of its live weight. The price comes from the market value that is published by Lancaster Farming and the Greencastle Livestock Auction.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.

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