Other Fruits


Kitchen's Orchard has over 50 varieties of fruit grown on the farm. Sold locally and at our farm market. Please find our fruit schedule below for all of our peaches, plums, apricots and nectarines. We also sell cantaloupe and watermelon when available.
Fruit Schedule

Methley - July
Shiro - July
Satsuma - August

Arctic Glo - July
Flavortop - July

Yellow Peaches

Flamin Fury 5 - July    Flavorcrest - July
Red Haven - July    Sunhigh - August
Contender - August    M.A.Blake - August
Crest Haven - August    Encore - Aug./Sept.
Sunhigh - August    Loring - August
Laurol - September

White Peaches

Manon - July    Snow Brite - July
NJ 252 - August    White Lady - August
Super Giant - August


Harcot- June   Harogem-June
Orange Red - June    Harlayne- July
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